poseable_girl (poseable_girl) wrote in doll_street,

April J-Doll: Via Monte Napoleone (New Type 4 body!)

April's J-Doll has been revealed. Another must-buy for me. This page seems to have the biggest, clearest pictures of her, but you can also find the announcement flyer on Jun Planning's official page. Looks like another doll made from one of the prototypes shown at this show (that makes three! I hope they release the one with the green letterman jacket too).

I'm not sure when they started making them with the Type 4 body (it's impossible for me to tell from any of the new flyers except this one!), but that's definitely a new body on this girl. (Edit: After looking more closely, I can see that the February doll, Avenue Kleber, definitely has a Type 3 body still.) I'm glad! I was really worried that JP was just going to cheap out on the J-Dolls and use the old Type 3's on them.

I'm loving the legs, and rumor is that the hands are interchangeable! :D So excited.
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